3 recommendations for online novel reading applications

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In the current era of globalization, technology is increasingly developing. It makes everything easier. For example, in the world of reading. The younger generation has a high interest in reading, especially in reading novels. Technological advances make it easier for us to get reading material without having to buy it. We can access reading via Android, and read anywhere and anytime. Even some digital platforms that provide free reading also provide other benefits. Here are some recommendations for reading applications that you can use.

1. Wattpad

Wattpad is an application that is widely used by people, especially in Indonesia. This application offers free novels in various genres, from romance, horror, thriller, science fiction, to action.

This application allows you to read written works in various languages, not only Indonesian. Apart from novels, poetry and various other types of books are also available, although you have to download the literature first to be able to read it offline.

This application, which has been downloaded more than 100 million times on Google Play, has interactive features, so readers can easily provide comments, feedback, and engage with the author directly. Not a few writers on Wattpad have received recognition and succeeded in building a fan community (fanbase) through this platform. There are even several stories from Wattpad that have been adapted into web series and films. An easy-to-understand display and story recommendations mean Wattpad users can easily find novels that suit their interests.

2. Fizzo Novel

This application allows you to read more than 8 thousand free and interesting novels. You can find novels with various genres including romance, juvenile fiction, fantasy and mystery at Fizzo. Fizzo also offers a regular update feature, so you can enjoy the experience of reading new and fresh stories every day. This free novel application has been downloaded more than 50+ million times on Google Play.

By downloading the Fizzo application on your smartphone, you can read various kinds of free novels both online and offline. Fizzo also applies advanced text-to-speech technology, so you can use the audiobook feature to listen to free offline novels if you are busy and don’t have time to read. Fizzo novel also has a feature to collect coins while reading. These coins can later be exchanged for money.

Wow, it turns out that apart from channeling your hobby, reading novels on Fizzo can also make a profit.

3. NoveelToon

Noveltoon is a mobile application where you can find various collections of digital novels and electronic books. The user-friendly appearance of the application and the variety of content presented make Noveltoon loved by many literature fans.This application has been downloaded more than 10 million times on Google Play.

Not only novels and books, Noveltoon also displays a collection of comics and audio books with a wide and varied genre. You can find everything from fantasy stories, romantic novels, light novels, fairy tales, fiction stories, historical novels, mystery stories to horror stories in this free novel application.

Noveltoon also provides stories with attractive and high-quality illustrations, so that readers can not only enjoy the narrative of a story, but will also be captivated by the interactive and stunning visual display. Each user can interact with each other and share insights and recommendations.

If you like writing, NovelToon provides an opportunity for budding novelists to share their work. You can also earn income if the novel you write is successful and read by many users. Noveltoon always updates its content regularly, so you won’t run out of novels to read. You can download Noveltoon for free on Android or iOS devices.

Let’s read a novel. Carry novels in your hand, read novels everywhere and whenever!


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