Buying a smartphone in 2024 will be an important decision as technology continues to evolve rapidly. Here are some tips to consider when choosing a smartphone in 2024:


1. Set Your Budget

Your budget will be a key determining factor in choosing a smartphone that meets your needs and preferences. Make sure to set a realistic budget and align it with the features you require.

2. Choose the Right Platform

In 2024, smartphone platforms will still be divided between Apple’s iOS and Android from various manufacturers. Choose the platform that you prefer and that is most compatible with your daily needs.

3. Consider Technical Specifications

Pay attention to the technical specifications of the smartphone you’re eyeing, such as the processor, RAM, storage capacity, camera, and battery. Ensure these specifications align with your daily activities and usage needs.

4. Look at Design and Screen Size

The design and screen size of a smartphone are also important to consider. Choose a design and screen size that is comfortable for you to use, whether you prefer a larger screen or a more compact one.

5. Camera Quality

Camera quality on a smartphone is crucial, especially for those who enjoy photography and visual content creation. Make sure to select a smartphone with a camera that suits your photography needs.

6. Review Connectivity and Networks

Ensure that the smartphone you choose is compatible with the latest cellular networks and other connectivity support like 5G. A stable and fast connection will impact your smartphone usage experience.

7. Consider Battery Life

Battery life is also crucial when selecting a smartphone. Choose a smartphone with sufficient battery capacity to support your daily usage.

8. Assess Storage Needs

Storage requirements are vital to consider. Choose a smartphone with a large enough storage capacity so that you don’t have difficulty storing files and apps on your smartphone.

9. Check for New Features

Every year, the latest smartphones usually come with innovative features. Make sure to check out the new features offered on smartphones in 2024 and align them with your needs and interests.

10. Read Reviews and Testimonials

Before deciding to purchase a specific smartphone, it’s important to read reviews and testimonials from other users who have used that smartphone. This can provide a clearer insight into the pros and cons of the smartphone you are considering.

By considering the above tips, it is hoped that you can choose a smartphone that aligns with your needs and preferences.

There are also several online platforms that I recommend for buying a smartphone, such as Shopee and Tokopedia.


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