5 Recommendations for the Best English Translator Applications


As you know, English is an international language that you need to master.  However, the reality is that not everyone masters English well.  So, for those of you who don’t yet master English, there’s no harm in having a translator application on your smartphone.

Apart from Google Translate, there are several applications for cellphones that are good, practical and user-friendly.  You can download it on Google Play or the App Store.  For a complete discussion of other recommended and accurate translation applications, please read this article until the end.

A.    How to choose an English translator application

There are many English translator applications on Google Play and the App Store that you can find.  However, which app should you download?  To answer your question, please see the following three ways to choose.  These three ways of choosing will lead you to find the best English translator application that you need.

1.      Choose the type of translation application that suits your needs

Translator applications consist of two types, namely single language and multilingual.  Each type has its own characteristics.  In choosing, please adjust it to your needs.

a)      Single language, provides better translation

An example of a single language type translator application is an application that only translates English into Indonesian and vice versa.  In other words, this application does not contain translations in other languages.

The downside is of course the limited language options available.  On the other hand, the advantage is much better translation results, especially in translating sentences.  The resulting translation of sentences or paragraphs is well structured so that it is easier to understand.

b)      Multilingual, contains many language options

Multilingual applications can contain dozens of other languages ​​in the world.  Apart from English and Indonesian, there are other languages, such as Mandarin, Italian, Spanish and Dutch.

This will certainly make it easier for you when you need to translate English into many other languages ​​or vice versa.  Especially, when you travel abroad, multilingual apps will be very helpful.  You only need to install one app and can use it in many countries and languages.  More practical!

2.      Check the features in the application

The features in the translator application can make it easier for you.  For this reason, pay attention to the features offered by each application.  Below we summarize the three most useful features in using a translator application.

a)      Camera translator: Convert images to text instantly

The camera translator feature allows you to get translations from photos or images.  This feature instantly converts images to text.  You can use this feature to translate documents, brochures, signage, menus and more.

b.      Text to speech: Can learn the correct pronunciation of words

As the name suggests, the text to speech (TTS) feature will convert text into voice.  This feature usually uses a computer system to create a sound synthesis which is then implemented in the application.  That way, you can learn the correct pronunciation.  On the other hand, this feature can help you when you have to talk to strangers.  You just turn on this feature and let the person you are talking to hear it.

c.       Speak and translate: Translate practically without using your fingers

This feature allows you to get translation results without typing or taking a picture.  System-wise, this feature is the same as speech to text which uses voice recognition.  This feature converts voice to text, then translates it.

3.      Pay attention to whether the application can be used offline

The last way to choose that you need to pay attention to is whether the application can be used offline?  A translator application that can be used offline will make it very easy, especially when you are traveling and there is no internet connection.

When traveling, not necessarily all places have a good signal.  So, when the translator application can be used offline, this will certainly be profitable.  Apart from that, a translator application that can be used offline can also save internet quota

B.     Ranking of the Best English Translator Apps

1.      Google Translate

Easy to use and quite popular for translating languages

When it comes to language translation tools, Google Translate tends to be the first that comes to mind for many people.  Because of this, this language translator application has become one of the most downloaded.  Apart from being able to translate from English to Indonesian, this application also supports more than a hundred other languages.

This app is a great option for those interested in learning a variety of foreign languages.  With intuitive features, the translation process becomes very easy, both through writing and using photos or images.

2.      iTranslate Translator

Can translate directly, suitable for those who frequently travel abroad

Those of you who enjoy traveling abroad, but have communication problems in English, don’t need to worry anymore.  Now, you can take advantage of the iTranslate application.  Through the voice translation feature, you can translate conversations with foreigners directly.  This application can ensure smooth communication during your trip abroad.

Apart from that, the camera translation feature also helps you translate important texts.  So, when you come across announcements or signs you don’t understand, just take a photo and the app will translate its contents.  With iTranslate, holidays abroad become easier and more enjoyable.

3.      Microsoft Translator

Can facilitate conversations with up to one hundred people

Usually, translator apps only support conversations between two people.  However, this app has the ability to facilitate conversations with up to a hundred people in multiple languages!  You only need to enter the conversation code to join the conversation group.

Within the group, you will receive text or voice messages in your own language.  After that, the messages you send will be automatically translated into each recipient’s language.  Practical and efficient, right?  If you often interact with various languages, this application will certainly be very useful.

4.      Yandex Translate

Can translate directly via smartwatch

This Russian application has succeeded in becoming one of the most sought after translation applications.  This is because this application can be connected directly to smartwatches and Apple Watches.  So, when you say a word or sentence on your watch, you can immediately see the translation results on the screen.  For those of you who have a smartwatch, there’s no harm in trying this application.

5.      U Dictionary Translator

Learning languages ​​is easier with the Discovery feature

Are you looking for a translator application that can also help you master a foreign language?  If yes, this application is the right choice.  Apart from being able to translate languages, U Dictionary is also equipped with a Discovery feature.

This feature provides a variety of language learning, word games, quizzes, and so on.  That way, you can master a foreign language more quickly and easily.  Apart from that, there are also features that can train you to speak.  You can find a wide selection of conversation examples on the themes of travel, business, banking and others.

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