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The media is a means of liaison from all parties or can also be called an intermediary. Derived from Latin medium which literally means intermediary or introduction, so it can be interpreted as a messenger from the sender to the recipient of the message.

A.    Understanding Learning Media and Its Types

Learning media are all means or aids in the implementation of the learning process, which are very important and very needed so that they can improve student achievement results can also stimulate the growth of thinking, attention, feelings, and skills of students that can cause learning process activities.

Learning media into four parts, namely visual media, audio media, audio-visual media, and multimedia.

  1. Visual media is media that is used only relying on the sense of sight of students with an interesting presentation.
  2. Audio media is a media used by educators to deliver learning materials using voices.
  3. Audio-visual media is a learning medium that combines audio and visual aspects that allow teachers to introduce broader knowledge and conceptualize learning better in traditional classes and exchange classes.
  4. Multimedia is a learning media consisting of several media elements, such as images, text, video and audio sourced from books and the internet.

B.     Learning Media in the Digital Era

Digital era learning media are all physical forms of communication in the form of software that is developed, used, and managed for learning needs in order to achieve efficiency and effectiveness of the teaching and learning process.

The types of digital technology learning media that can be utilized by teachers are:

a.      Interactive Multimedia

Interactive multimedia is a combination of various media which in this case includes five main elements or technologies in interactive multimedia, namely, Text, Graphics, Audio, Video, and Animation.

b.      Digital Video and Animation

Animated video is a form of moving visual that is made by utilizing technology and can be used to explain learning material that is difficult to convey conventionally. Animated video-based learning can facilitate faster absorption of information, retain knowledge and remember it accurately. The types of learning animation videos are: microvideos, tutorials, training videos, screencasts, presentations and lectures, animations.

c.       Podcasts

Podcasts or podcasts are known as sound or video recordings whose results will be published on a digital platform so that they can be accessed by various users provided that they are always connected to the internet network on their respective electronic devices. Podcasts as a learning medium are considered to have an effective and efficient influence on the learning process because they can be accessed easily and are not limited by age verification. The types of podcasts are as follows, Interview podcast, solo podcast, multi-host podcast,

d.      Augmented Reality (AR)

AR is a technology that combines two-dimensional and/or three-dimensional virtual objects into a three-dimensional real environment and then projects these virtual objects in real time. AR can be used to help visualize abstract concepts to provide understanding and structure of an object model.

e.       Virtual Reality (VR)

VR is a fusion of digital image processing, computer graphics, multimedia technology, sensor and measurement technology, virtual and artificial intelligence and other disciplines, building a realistic virtual interactive three-dimensional space environment for humans, and responding to real-time activities or operations for people, which makes people feel like they are in the real world.

f.        Game Based Learning.

Game-based learning refers to the use of game elements such as video games or elements related to games in the real world that are themed about education or you could say playing while learning. Some examples of digital media that can be used as learning media are Kahoot, Wordwall, Duolingo, Powtoon and so on.

In the digital era, teachers must be able to use learning media that are not only classic but also modern. This will be useful to students who receive the course material. The learning process has become more standardized where the media can be used by other teachers in the same class if a teacher is unable to attend class.


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