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Short Films

Short Film is one of the simplest forms of film, technically a short film is a film that has a duration of under 40 minutes. Not only as entertainment, but films can also be used as teaching and education media, publication media, and art and culture development media.

The sophistication of technology that developed in the era of the industrial revolution 4.0 provides convenience in making and editing short films.

Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro is a Video Editing program developed by Adobe that is devoted to assembling images, videos, and audio that is not only able to arrange shoot pieces into a series of complete and meaningful images, but Adobe Premiere Pro is able to display visual effects that are interesting enough so that they are used by professional editors.

Adobe Premiere Pro application is a video processing program that is often used by Film/Soap Opera, Broadcasting, and Television companies. One of them is the BBC and The Tonight Show. Software has been frequently used for films, such as Dust to Glory, Captain Abu Raed, and Superman Returns, and for other places such as Madonna’s Confessions Tour. Compared to other editing software, Adobe Premiere is one of the video editing software that is easy to understand from its interface and features.

Basic Elements of Adobe Premiere Pro

In the Adobe Premiere Pro application, there are several basic elements that must be understood its functions and uses. These elements are:

1.         Project Elements

This is the place to display active project file information from editing work. In this project element will be stored the source / material that we will edit which we display by infort from the file menu in the form of vide images including visual and audio effects.

2.      Monitor Element

This element is required to display video clips and editing drafts that are being implemented.

3.      Timeline Elements

Serves to compile video clips; Where in this window video, graphics and audio data are arranged and manipulated in such a way as to become a series of videos.

4.      Toolbar Elements

Needed as function keys to perform video editing such as cropping, lengthening, selecting clips and so on.

5.      Palette Elements

This element is interpreted as a window that shows the activity that is being carried out at the moment, the same function as the layer function in Adobe Photoshop.

Utilization of Adobe Premiere Pro

Today, Adobe Premiere is widely used for various multimedia fields. Adobe Premiere’s most important function is as video processing software. In addition, there are several other Adobe Premiere functions, namely creating and editing content, making promotional videos, making wedding video projects, making music and video projects, making documentation films and making multimedia projects. Media that can display video formats Premiere Pro supports high-quality video editing at up to 4K x 4K resolution, up to 32-bit per color channel, both RGB and YUV.

The Advantages Using Adobe Premiere Pro

Here are some of the advantages of Adobe Premiere Pro:

  1. Easy to use due to feature recognition and customizable interface layout.
  2. Full Competible for graphics programs especially Adobe Inc. output.
  3. Provide sound effects and video effects facilities.
  4. The resulting video is smoother, does not stutter, and reduces broken images.
  5. Ability to read various file formats  video which will be used as an editing project.
  6. Premiere Pro supports VR (Virtual Reality) video creation – 360 Degrees.
  7. Comprehensive, in collaboration with other Adobe software. For example, a combination of animation effects from After Effects.
  8. Fast Preview, meaning Adobe Premier Pro has advantages every time we do editing activities such as cropping images, providing visual effects, the results can be seen instantly without the need for a rendering process.
  9. Adobe premiere pro have more format options.

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