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Technology is a set of systems or methods using science to produce a product or item. The benefits of technology in everyday life include making work more effective and efficient and producing something more useful.

The Development of Technology in Prehistoric Times

Stone Age

Early humans are known to have developed technology, although they did not know writing or language. The technology developed is of course still very simple, which starts from the rocks. Examples of technology in this era are oblong axes, shoulder axes, square axes, and arrowheads have been smoothed out.

Scholars divide Stone Age culture into three epochs:

  1. Paleolithic (old stone)

The tools used by ancient humans at that time were still in the form of large stones and also rough.

  1. Mesolithic (intermediate stone)

Humans who still use stones for daily tools, and have been able to grow crops and hunt even with simple techniques.

  1. Neolithic (middle stone)

The period in prehistoric times when humans used tools from smoothed stones.

Metal age

After the stone age, early humans began to enter the metal age. In this period, his people not only used stone tools, but were also able to make tools from metal. The metal age is also called the time of undagian, because in its society there appeared undagi groups who were skilled in their respective fields. Some types of metal tools at this time are:

1.       Nekara

It is a war drum and a ceremonial instrument of the king’s inauguration, ask for rain and other rituals.

2.       Funnel axe

Was a metal tool for digging tubers and in the soil as food for people in the Bronze Age.

3.       Bronze statue

as a place of worship of religious ceremonial spirits.

4.       Bronze vessel

as a fixture of religious activities or rituals and as a place to drink.

Today’s Technology

The development of the times, the more innovations created by humans, which then almost touch all aspects of human life.

Some types of modern technology that we often use are as follows:

1.       Information technology

This technology itself consists of a set of software or a piece of software and hardware or hardware that will later be used in a need to process, send, and store information. Some examples of information technology include television, online media (blogs, websites, and portals), and many more.

2.       Communication technology

Communication technology can be said to be the most widely used technology. In human life quickly, comfortably, and accurately such as smartphones, email, fax machines, and chat applications.

3.       Transportation technology

Transportation technology can be said to be a technology that is able to help humans move places from one location to another with a short period of time. For example: electric trains, electric cars, ships, planes and many more.

4.       Educational Technology

Just as the name suggests, this technology is closely related to education in order to improve the performance of learners by building different resources and technological processes. Some examples are the latest teaching methods, online learning, computer labs, and others.

5.       Medical technology

This medical technology covers a very wide range of fields, where innovations that then play an important role in maintaining human health as well as minimizing pain and accelerating the recovery process. Some examples of products that are then included in medical technology include sphygmomanometers, ultrasound, stethoscopes, X-Ray devices, body thermometer syringes, and infusions, health consultation software, and many more.

6.       Construction technology

Construction technology is a technology that is closely related to building structures. This technology is also related to the tools and methods used in building a building or house, both from the basic structure and to the advanced level.

7.       Architectural technology

This technology can be regarded as an application of modern technology for the purposes of designing a building, both from the exterior side and from the interior side of the building.

8.       Agricultural technology

Agricultural technology itself refers more to the methods and technology for machines used in agricultural and plantation needs. This technology has become one of the modern technologies that has greatly impacted and greatly changed human history.

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